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19th August 2013

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Last Wednesday, Chris Hernandez, Phil Sullivan, Nina Burns, and Cory Hindorff from America’s Next Top Model Guys vs Girls 2.0 (Cycle 20) did a meet and greet at Guess in NYC.

I met Cory and Nina first. They were at the entrance of the store posing and modeling Guess clothes. I went up to them and said hi (they were on this mini platform) and Cory pulled me up onto the platform with them. I asked if I could get pictures with them and they were happy and excited to do so. I also asked for their autographs which made them very happy and Cory said this is still so new to them. While Nina was signing an autograph, I asked Cory how he got involved in modeling in the first place. He said it was something he was always interested in, but never did something serious/big until he went for Top Model. We also talked about how people used to call him “Tyra” and he said he feels like he and Tyra are friends now. He then signed my autograph book and he gave me a big hug and told me it was great to meet me and that I was very sweet. He helped me down the platform. While Cory spoke to another fan, I spoke to Nina. I said she is my favorite girl on ANTM this cycle and she squealed with joy and asked if I am Team Nina and I said yes and told her she has to rep us girls and she said she’d do her best. I told her I love her hair and she thanked me and asked if I prefer it over her blonde hair. I told her she honestly rocks both looks and she thanked me and gave me a hug.

I then spotted Phil and went over to him. I was nervous cuz he is my favorite. <3 I introduced myself and I said I decided to come out to the event when I saw he confirmed he’d be there since he is my favorite  this cycle. I also told him that I love him as a model in every sense of the word and he was very flattered and thanked me. He also said he was glad to see the show seems to be working [in terms of reaching out to fans/the platform]. I asked for a picture with  him and he asked me where I wanted to go for it. I was confused, so I just told him to choose hahaha. So he took hold of my hand <333333 and told me to follow him. We went to another part of the store a few feet away and he said he chose it cuz it was less crowded (also the background was better because where we were originally, there was a mirror wall type of thing behind us). So we took pics and I asked for his autograph. He took my book and sat down on this radiator and pondered for a second. In the meantime I asked how he got into modeling and he said it was a funny story, he was riding a NYC subway and a middle aged Italian man approached him and asked if he’d be interested in doing a black and white photoshoot and he just went for it. I then noticed that while he was writing in my book, he chuckled to himself and I noticed he wrote the number 21 underneath his name. He pointed to it and said before he used to model, he played college baseball and that 21 was his number and that “who knows, maybe my autograph will cost something someday”. We got up from the radiator and I gave him a big hug and said it was so nice to meet him.

Then I went over to Chris H. He had a pretty long line (he was also next to Lisa Ramos). I got up to him and I asked for his autograph first. He said he’s not used to doing so since this is new to them and that they didn’t really do these type of events since the cycle is new and so taking pics and autographs is still a little bit of a shock. So he stared at my book for a while saying he wanted to write something good. He wound up writing that it was so nice to meet me in person and thanked me for my love and support. I asked how he got into modeling and he said his grandmother would basically dress him up in little outfits when he was a little kid and trick/bribe him with candy to get him to look up and she would take pictures of him. He said he guesses she always knew he had it in him. Then he said after a really bad breakup, he decided to persue it [to build his own confidence up and prove that he can]. And that he did some shoots along the way and wound up trying for ANTM. We took pics and then I said it was so nice to meet him and asked for a hug and he said Of course! He then asked if I wanted a hugging picture so I said sure and we took one.

I was gonna stop by Cory and Nina one more time before leaving and that’s when I noticed they just decided to have Cory & Nina switch places with Chris; which meant I would have to go back on line again. So I did and figured I’d play it cool as if I was waiting for Lisa (I didn’t know who she was, sorry guys!). Waiting in line, about 4 people away, Cory spotted me and said called out to me & pointed me out to Nina. They waved from their spot. When I went up to them I said “Hey strangers” and Cory immediately pulled me in next to him for a photo. So I complimented them saying I noticed they’ve been posing/modeling great all day and that Cory’s facial expressions are simply amazing and he blushed and hugged me and told Nina that I’m his favorite person they met that day. She laughed and said I was her favorite too and she hugged me. She complimented my leopard shirt and I complimented her outfit as well. Cory started laughing and Nina said “I know I know I’m showing some skin on my tummy”. So I said “Hey, if you have it, flaunt it. Why not.” She laughed and high fived me and Cory just repeated that I’m his favorite haha.

I did meet Lisa briefly (just asked for a pic and I complimented her outfit).

I also ran into Sophie Sumner! I told her that she was my favorite on her cycle and that I was happy she won. She thanked me and said I was so sweet. I asked what she’s up to now and she said she’s trying her hand at acting [I believe she mentioned a new TV series filmed in Asia] and I wished her the best of luck.

Everyone was so sweet and I had a great time!

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